The Truth About Being A Life Guard

Every two years you have to get recertified for lifeguarding. This is my third year guarding so, I’m up for training. It’s a 50-hour course through the red cross. We go over things like C-spine, CPR, first aid, and how to make saves. It’s a lot of hard work but a lot of fun.

In fact, I’d say the actual training for getting certified is a lot more fun than the actual job. The training has so much going on and you’re always doing something. My expectations of the actual job were pretty high when I started. Turns out all you really do is sit there and yell at people to walk, please.

I may check the pH levels, teach swim lessons, and a bunch of other tiny things here and there but nothing too interesting.

The best days are cold days when no one comes. Why? Well because we can do whatever you want! In my case, I pull out my Nintendo Switch and play some good ‘ol Zelda. However that happens pretty rarely so, it’s a blessing when it happens.

Big events like the summer kick off and hot August nights are the worst. With anywhere between 200 people in the area at a given time. Luckily the pool is only that crazy a few times a year.

One of the cool things about the job is the people you meet. Not a lot of people will talk to you, but sometimes on calm days, you’ll get a few conversations. I’ve met people from all over the world at our pool. Some of the many people I have met are from Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It’s really awesome to talk to them and hear about where they’re from.

So, in closing my job may not be the most interesting, but it has its moments. I Love meeting new people and it’s a good job for that. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of my life though! My dream is to start my own store that sells custom built computers. What’s yours?


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