Sales Project

What I Sold

For the month of May, I took on a project where my goal was to improve my sales skills. So, I went out and found a local photographer who was looking to expand their business.

Finding Our Market

I started from scratch with no previous market model from the photographer. I cold called 20-30 people a day asking if they’d be interested in pictures. I needed a market but until I knew my plan of attack I wanted to at least try to make some progress.

We’d decided since it was the month of may that we’d target our audience for Mother’s day. We began work on an ad for Mother’s day. We used these settings for our demographic:

  • Mom’s of grade school kids
  • Mom’s of middle school kids
  • Mom’s of high school kids
  • Anniversary within 31-60 days

I no longer have access to the ad and have no way of showing it. That being said the ad did its job in getting reach out. Except while we were aiming for mother’s day no one asked for that. Instead, we were asked if we could take graduation photos. This wasn’t the audience we were looking for but it was an audience and we took it.

We then changed the audience for the ad.

  • Mom’s of high school students
  • Parents of teenagers 13-18

We made a few changed to the picture of the ad (again don’t have this available) and sent it out. This resulted in more traffic on our facebook page.

High School Graduation

A local high school got in contact with us for taking their school’s graduation. They asked us to make a flyer to hand out and consent forms. We had 12 hours to get this done and there were other photographers that we were competing against. I had no previous experience with creating something like this but gave it my best shot.

Marisa Renee Flier

I used google docs to create this image. I made it flashy but in black and white as to print easy. I gave it the slogan “capture the moment forever” as to excite people about this experience and what it meant to them.

Putting an RSVP worked nicely so that we knew how many people to expect to take pictures for at the event before going in.

How We Made Our Goal

Even with the Facebook ad and flyers, we were still only getting a few people who were interested. I found that personal communication was a great seller. I have a very outgoing personality so walking up to parents with teenagers who looked about graduation age was easy. This helped a lot in the end game. Our goal for the month was $100 and we made it to $150 halfway through the month of may.

Word of mouth can be a good way of getting your business out there.

Things I Learned

  • How to find a target audience. Even though we found a different one we took it and ran with it.
  • How to use google docs to create images
  • How to pitch something to someone
  • How to create consent forms