Sales Project

To learn how to sell you have to sell. For my sales project, I teamed up with an amateur photographer. My job is being their manager. I’m looking for potential leads and contacting them to see if they’d be interested. I set up the date and time with the client and make sure everything is seamless. Our goal for the month was $100 and we met it halfway through the month.

We were contracted by a school to do their graduation photos. We are currently working on creating a sales pitch for our local church to do a photo directory for them. These are just two of our bigger projects.

Photography is a tough game. I learned a lot about myself this month. I learned important things like getting your name out there and showing up to get stuff done. Some days felt like I was getting nowhere with lead. Then there were others that felt like I was getting hundreds. I learned how to stay optimistic through these times and keep powering through.

I learned different people need different pitches to sell them on your product. Getting to know a person first to figure out their needs is an important role in sales.

Although the month of my project has ended my project itself hasn’t. I’m going to be continuing my project to learn more about sales.