Month One!

Well, I sent in all my deliverables early Saturday morning. The not so funny part is that I had everything else together the third day of April. The Deliverables were picking an area to explore(Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Technical), writing my top 3 skills blog, Hi, I’m Toby video and my placement survey. You see what took so long was making my video. I’m not a fan of being in front of a camera.

I did, however, get experience from filming the video! I downloaded a video editor called lightworks and took it upon myself to figure out how to edit my video. It was surprisingly a lot of fun! It was a great opportunity to get practice on how that all works and such.

I also wouldn’t be here writing every day if it wasn’t for my 3 skills blog post. As I’ve said before… I started this as an accident! An accident that I’m loving! Learning to come up with something to write about has been quite the challenge, but I’m always ready for a good challenge.

What have you accomplished this month? Set a goal and write about it every day. You’ll find out just how productive you really are.

Next month I’m working on my portfolio! Wish me luck!


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