Here Comes Summer

Summer is coming and pools across the nation are opening. The local pool I work at opened last month. In California, the weather has been pretty bipolar. One day it’s super hot and windy, the next it’s super cold and windy. When I say windy I mean tornado weather but we don’t get tornados.

Alright, I got a little off track. Summer is coming and I’ve been avoiding getting in the pool. Partially because it’s been cold and windy but what about the hot days? I don’t know what was wrong that I just haven’t wanted to get in.

Two days ago when I was working I finally jumped in with my coworker because no one was at the pool. We swam for a good hour and twenty minutes before people showed up and we had to get out. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I want to get in? It felt so good to swim and be moving around in the water again.

I started off with some lung busters to see where I was at physically. Then I timed myself doing some laps. A little slow but I know I’ll catch back up to my normal speeds. This year I want to physically push myself to see how fast I can get. I also want to push to see how far I can go in one breath.

I’ve got my goals ahead of me! What are yours?


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