How To Blog: Using The Snipping Tool

The other day I found out that not everyone knows there is a snipping tool on windows 10. It’s a great tool that basically lets you screenshot things on your device.

First, you’re going to want to go down the taskbar and click on the windows icon. Then you’re going to want to search snipping tool.

It’s pretty basic to use. Take a quick glance and you’ll see things you can do. It’ll say new, mode, delay, cancel, and options.

If you click new it’ll automatically let you make a snip in a rectangular formation. If you click mode it’ll let you access different forms.

There is a free-form snip that lets you snip however you want. Then there’s the default rectangle snip that you just click and drag and it’ll snip it. Then there’s the window option which lets you snip whatever window you have open entirely. Lastly, we have the full-screen snip which obviously does whatever is on your screen.

Then there’s the delay setting next down from the mode button. It lets you delay your snip anywhere from 1-5 seconds. Cancel and your options are past that.

After you take your first snip it’ll show the image you’ve snipped. Now there are new options like save, file, and copy. If you look down too you’ll notice there are pens. The yellow pen is a highlighter and the other pen is a normal pen. Here is how they look when they’re used.





This can be pretty useful to use if you’re trying to send an image to someone and want them to pay attention to a certain area.

All around the snipping tool can be pretty useful and used for everyday things.


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