How To Blog: Guest Posting

Guest posting is an awesome way of getting in touch with your audience. Having somewhere on your website where they can sign up and send you a guest post is cool. It'll be cool for your fans because then they'll want to try and get the slot next time you do a guest post. Plus… Continue reading How To Blog: Guest Posting


How To Blog: Youtube

I think having a youtube channel alongside your blog is an awesome idea. It opens up so many extra doors. If you have a niche maybe you can record that niche. Like you can play video games and have it hooked up to your site. You can vlog and blog. People will want to see… Continue reading How To Blog: Youtube

How To Blog: 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

No matter what blogger you ask these things will help you start off your blog! Don't Be Scared To Self-Promote. I personally always feel annoying when I self-promote my blog. It's an important part of blogging though. You have to get your blog out there. Self-promoting amongst family and friends on social media is the… Continue reading How To Blog: 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

How To Blog: Seasons

No, I don't mean blog about your favorite season of some tv show. People are always looking for new and cool ways to improve their year. Why not help them? Finding good food recipes for each season could be pretty fun. You get to try out each food. If you want you could even make… Continue reading How To Blog: Seasons