The Creation MindSet

When I started off blogging I really struggled with what I was supposed to write about. I had 30-days ahead of me and I knew I needed to tackle this in a smart way. I started off with writing as many ideas as I could onto a notepad and hoping for the best.

This worked for a while. I’d look at the notepad and see something that sparked my writing and I’d just start flowing out words. This only worked for so long though. Eventually, I didn’t like what was in the notepad. Not that they were bad ideas but I just wasn’t feeling them.

After a few days, ideas would pop into my head late at night. I started texting my idea to my girlfriend so that I’d remember them in the morning. Then I started leaving my memo app on my phone turn on before bed for just in case something hit me. I would say my ideas to it so that I had a more accurate idea of what I wanted to write. Instead of sloppy half awake texts that were barely readable because of spelling I had fully audible reminders.

Then one day I was walking around and something hit me. “Hey, I should write about that” I thought to myself. So, I did and with no restraints. Now all that goes through my head is what I can turn into a blog post.

For instance, that’s how this post was thought of. I was at work eating a sandwich when I’d thought of a blog post and realized how much my mind really wanders for this. It’s actually a really great feeling too. Having somewhere to talk about what makes me tick and my interests.

At some point, you see the world in a different perspective. You see something or something happens to you and all that goes through your head is “How can I use this to make something?”.

Making content can be whatever you want. Are you interested in books? Maybe even video games or movies. Make something out of something you love. Show the world who you are. Take that leap and stop resisting your creative bone!

Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash


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