School Graduation Update

We were asked to make a demo flier for the school showing our services. I had a day to make it and I’d never made a flier before. I’m not really all that creative either so I wasn’t sure how well it would come out.

Before I had even begun creating the flier I had googled examples. Graduation fliers, photography fliers, and just normal fliers in general. I’d formed an idea of what I wanted it to look like.

Marisa Renee Flier
It screams my first time.

We presented it to the principal and he liked it and gave us the gig vs everyone else. He even told us that they’ve told the parents not to take pictures so, we’ll be the only people with a camera there.

This is an awesome step forward and a great opportunity and I can’t wait to update on Friday!


2 thoughts on “School Graduation Update”

  1. That flier is really great.. you have a gift! I’m so very proud of you… I Love you. Congratulations. Keep up the amazing hard work and it will keep paying off like this did!! (: ❤


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