Portfolio Update: School Graduation?

So, this wasn’t really expected. We’ve been recommended to a local school principal to take pictures of the school’s graduation. If we can get this it would be a big thing for us. I think it would really get our name out there.

The graduation is next Friday so, I’ll probably have another update soon on whether we get it or not.

I’ve never really realized how much you can do by just going out and doing it. I mean I’ve always been the kind of person where if I want to know something I figure it out. If I want something I go out and do it.

I’ve thought about selling stuff before but I never really knew what. I also didn’t think someone would want to buy from someone who was under 18. Although I’m not the one taking the pictures I am the one selling the photographer.

This just opens my head to other possibilities though. What else can I sell? What do I have to give or offer that people would buy?

When I was twelve I wanted to sell Rubik’s cubes. The plan was to buy a bunch of cheap nice ones from China that are actually better than the Rubik’s brand. Show off the difference and get people interested in solving them. Afterwards, they’d want to take one home so I could have some extra on hand to sell.

That’s an old idea that I’ve put to rest though. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I could also do that to make a bit of pocket money to help pay for little things? Just because It’s an old put to rest idea doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable one.

We’ll see where things go. Either way, I’m having a dandy ‘ol time with all my projects that I’m working on! What are yours for the month?


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