I Guess I’m Writing For Another 30 Days

When I was homeschooled I never stopped doing school. I don’t mean that in an “Oh, I did nothing but school and had no social life”. No, I mean that in an I would binge my school kind of way.

Much like most people binge Netflix I binged school. I’d get bored with school and do a unit in a matter of days. Sure, the end of that unit wasn’t due until next month but why wait? I could have all of this done by the end of next week.

I’m taking this same approach to Praxis. Yes, this month I am working on my portfolio project but I got curious. What’s next month? So, I decided to take a peek at month 3! Turns out it’s writing every day for 30-days. Of course it’s writing for another 30 days.

I started the 30-day blogging challenge of my own free will. Not realizing that month 3 WAS the blogging challenge. Oh well gives me the incentive to keep the streak going! I’m going to be working on month 2 and 3 side by side!

This will be good on me for two reasons! Reason one is that I’ll be able to get more work done in less time. Reason two is if I finish faster then I’m supposed to and jump start my career!


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