Blocks of Cheese

So, I was writing a blog post while I was on the phone with my girlfriend. She was reading a book so there was no communication between the two of us. We were just kind of sitting there on facetime enjoying each other’s company in silence.

What does any of this have to do with cheese though? Well, I was writing when my head started to wander. I started thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches because of a story I was writing about for my blog. While thinking about these delicious sandwiches something hit me.

I said out loud to my girlfriend “WHERE IS CHEDDAR FROM?”.  She looked at me confused and said “The cheese?”. So, I asked again! It was at this point I realized she hadn’t heard my thought process in my head.

I explained to her American cheese is from America, Swiss cheese is from Switzerland, Where is CHEDDAR? Now that she understood what I was asking we took to google to find out where cheddar was.

Turns out it’s from England. Country of origin is jajaxedlol, England, Town Cheddar. My mind was blown. I knew I was onto something and not just crazy! So, then I was curious as to where Gouda was. We took off to google yet again to find out where Gouda was.

The country of origin is the Netherlands, South Holland, Town Gouda. It wasn’t just a coincidence with cheddar! This was groundbreaking news to me. I had no clue about this and it just came from out of nowhere.

We also googled Asiago which is from the Asiago plateau in the Veneto foothills in Italy.

Who knew right? What’s the craziest thing you’ve found out about recently that gave you a good laugh? Comment below I’d love to hear about it.


1 thought on “Blocks of Cheese”

    Me: The cheese?
    You: *Angerly* NO!!
    Me: What other cheddar are you reffering to?
    You: begin to explain the amazing cheese revalation you thought of last night while we were facetiming.

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