Experience Vs The Classroom


Technology is all around us. Look around the room how many phones, tablets, laptops, or even game consoles do you see? I guarantee there is at least one. I mean how else are you reading this?

Since a young age I’ve been obsessed with building stuff with my hands and how it all works. Growing up homeschooled since kindergarten allowed me to do just that. Waking up every morning and playing with my Legos and Lincoln logs and then school!

As I grew older and my curiosity grew stronger my parents got me an Erector set. It was one of my favorite things to get for my birthday or Christmas every year. It was basically what any little kid who likes to build would want. Getting to build it and then figuring out how they all worked after completion was the highlight of my childhood. It wasn’t long until I was using what I’d figured out from building the others until I was building stuff on my own.

Skip ahead to 15, I was hellbent on building a computer. Only problem was I had no money. I got a local job and saved up over the summer to complete my biggest project yet. My very own custom-built PC. I’d spent months of research going through every forum, blog site, YouTube video, and books to learn all about computers and what made them tick.

After completing my PC and graduating at 17 I decided I didn’t want to go to college. Why should I go to college when I can self-learn through experience? I could not rationalize any reason I should be paying thousands of dollars a semester to sit around and get a piece of paper?  Then I found Praxis. With Praxis I plan on jump-starting my career by doing projects that I love to gain experience and self-value. As an athlete I’ve always wondered “Why sit and watch football when I can go out and play it?”. So I’ll leave you with this: why sit in a class when you can go out and jump start into what you want to do?


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