How To Blog: Movies

Similar to video games movies are content that just keeps coming. If there's a movie there are people watching it. Where there are people watching it there are people talking about it. People everywhere flock to social media and websites to see what critics say about movies. If you make your entire blog about entertainment… Continue reading How To Blog: Movies


How To Blog: Video Games.

Video games is a forever growing industry. In 2014 according to polygon the video game industry globally racked in 83.6 billion dollars. That's a lot of money. More importantly, that's a lot of people spending money on video games. People love video games and they love reading and watching videos about them. The number one… Continue reading How To Blog: Video Games.

Top Six Songs By Koji Kondo

Koji Kondo is considered the modern-day¬†Beethoven by many people. Back in 1984 Koji was hired and brought on to the Nintendo team. He's worked on dozens and dozens of games, all the way from the original Super Mario,¬†Star Fox, and The Legend Of Zelda. Starting out before getting hired by Nintendo he'd worked on an… Continue reading Top Six Songs By Koji Kondo