How To Blog: Social Media

An important part of blogging is social media. Once you build up your audience they'll want to follow you. This helps them feel like they get to know you on a personal level. They'll have a feed of things you're up to whenever you post. If you have any news about upcoming things than that's… Continue reading How To Blog: Social Media


How To Blog: Movies

Similar to video games movies are content that just keeps coming. If there's a movie there are people watching it. Where there are people watching it there are people talking about it. People everywhere flock to social media and websites to see what critics say about movies. If you make your entire blog about entertainment… Continue reading How To Blog: Movies

The Problem With Social Media

The year is 2018 and information is at the tip of your finger. Social media has been an awesome way to keep in contact with old and new friends alike. Even meeting new people across the country or maybe even across the world is possible. Popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter allow you… Continue reading The Problem With Social Media