How To Blog: Seasons

No, I don't mean blog about your favorite season of some tv show. People are always looking for new and cool ways to improve their year. Why not help them? Finding good food recipes for each season could be pretty fun. You get to try out each food. If you want you could even make… Continue reading How To Blog: Seasons


How To Blog: Taking Your Blog With You

I currently blog on the PC I built. That means I'm stuck in one place. If you only blog 1-3 times a week it's probably not that bad. Since I'm doing daily blogging to show that I can come up with content on a daily basis it can be a struggle. I have to be… Continue reading How To Blog: Taking Your Blog With You

How To Blog: LifeStyle Products

This kind of falls into the review category of things but I'd like to treat it differently. Something I've noticed popping up a lot more is people who use lifestyle products and blog about it. A good example is you find a product like doTerra. Doterra is a brand of essential oils. Now I'm not… Continue reading How To Blog: LifeStyle Products