How To Blog: Youtube

I think having a youtube channel alongside your blog is an awesome idea. It opens up so many extra doors. If you have a niche maybe you can record that niche. Like you can play video games and have it hooked up to your site. You can vlog and blog. People will want to see… Continue reading How To Blog: Youtube


How To Blog: Email Sign Ups

A good way to get people to come back to your blog is with an email sign up list. The way it works is when someone signs up with their email they get an email saying you posted. The hard part is getting someone to follow your blog. So, they checked out a single post,… Continue reading How To Blog: Email Sign Ups

How To Blog: Guides

Along side reviews something popular amongst bloggers is how to guides. Let's say you buy some software. You're going to use it and get used to it. When you're feeling like you've had enough experience you'll want to review it. On top of that though a lot of people are always looking for guides. Whether… Continue reading How To Blog: Guides