How To Blog: Setting Up Your Site

You've bought your domain and you're ready to blog! Then you realize your website is just a blank page of nothing. You're going to need a few pages to get started. About Page It's so important to make an about page. This page is all about you or your business or whatever your site is… Continue reading How To Blog: Setting Up Your Site

50 Days Of Daily Blogging

Sometime this week last year I graduated high school. I didn't know where I'd be in a year but I definitely wasn't expecting this. It's been a really fun journey blogging every day for the past fifty days. When I started I didn't even think I'd make it a week before I ran out of ideas.… Continue reading 50 Days Of Daily Blogging

Stop Calling It Life Hacks

I'm really tired of scrolling down seeing articles or videos that are titled "ToP tEn LiFe HaCkS". It's just plain annoying. Mainly because hack isn't even the right word. People overuse it the hack and take it WAY out of context nowadays. What does hack even mean in the first place? Well, all it takes… Continue reading Stop Calling It Life Hacks

Key To Succesful Blogging: Rambling

I'm having a hard time deciding what to write about today. I've written three drafts already and decided they were good ideas but just wasn't getting anywhere. Which can be hard to deal with but I save them for later. I know I'm onto something I just need to step away and give them more… Continue reading Key To Succesful Blogging: Rambling