How To Blog: Setting Up Your Site

You’ve bought your domain and you’re ready to blog! Then you realize your website is just a blank page of nothing. You’re going to need a few pages to get started.

About Page

It’s so important to make an about page. This page is all about you or your business or whatever your site is about.  A quick description that people will check out and make them more interested in you. This is also the most commonly clicked page on your website so make it a good one.

Blog page

Okay, this is an obvious one. You’re going to need somewhere to put your blog. Here’s the thing though. It’s really easy for posts to just disappear in the abyss of posts. So, I suggest categorizing everything or having an archives page.

Archives Page

Similar to a blog page you can still lose a lot of posts into here. So, I really do suggest a cross between the two. Having certain areas for your blog posts to go into or an archives area that is categorized. Either by month, topic, or however you see it fits.

Contact Page

This can be done with just a simple form. comes with a form that you can use. On this page, you should also include things like social media. Anywhere where your readers can get in touch with you. You should even add in an example maybe of why they’d want to contact you.


If you’re working on something why not show it off? It’ll show your audience the kind of work you do. It’s fun for not only you to show but for other people to see what you’re doing. It’s also a fun way of learning out loud.



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