How To Blog: Picking A Domain Name

Picking a domain name can seem hard.

Most people will tell you to keep it professional and use your name. For example my site’s name is Nothing special or fancy just my first and last name.

Now you don’t have to follow that by any means. However there are some rules you should follow.

Don’t use numbers.

Numbers don’t look professional to start off with. What’s the first website that comes to mind? Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumbler don’t use numbers and neither should you. Can you imagine Not only that but I could see how it would be confusing to people. Facebook1 or FacebookOne?

Be creative!

There are millions upon millions of websites out there. If you’re trying to start a blog be creative about it. Whatever you’re planning to blog about why not try throwing your name into it? Just remember to pass it by others and:

Keep it simple.

Your name should be simple so people don’t miss spell it. Don’t make it something rediculous like That’s just going to be a mess and no one will probably take you serious.

Keep it short.

Like my above example you want it to be sweet and to the point. I’d say no more than 8 letters is a good goal. You want it to be easy to spell and find.

Domain extensions.

You know how you always put .com at the end of everything? That is one of a handful of domain extensions. Different extensions mean different things. For a blog I’d say use .me, .com, or .net.

Each of those means a different thing. .me is typically used for blogs and personnal sites. While .com is more professional but it doesn’t really matter these days.


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