How To Blog: Taking Your Blog With You

I currently blog on the PC I built. That means I’m stuck in one place. If you only blog 1-3 times a week it’s probably not that bad. Since I’m doing daily blogging to show that I can come up with content on a daily basis it can be a struggle.

I have to be home at some point in order to post. Yes, some days that I know I’m not home I pre-schedule a post. Making more than one post in a day can be a challenge sometimes. Especially if you’re going to be gone for a week or more.

I don’t like laptops but if you’ve got one that’ll make things a lot easier for you. If you’re going camping take pictures and write about it later. Depending on what kind of camper you are you can use your hotspot and publish it from there.

If you’re staying at someone’s house all you need is to pop open your laptop and write something real quick if you have to. I think phones now even have WordPress apps that you can even do stuff from remotely. Of course, you don’t need any of this but it could make life easier if you did.

If you already have these things then you’ll be well off. If not unless you’re a serious blogger I really don’t recommend dropping a lot of money.


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