How To Blog: Movies

Similar to video games movies are content that just keeps coming. If there’s a movie there are people watching it. Where there are people watching it there are people talking about it.

People everywhere flock to social media and websites to see what critics say about movies. If you make your entire blog about entertainment itself than it can be hard to post often.

Usually, before you want to write about a movie you’ll want to watch it more than once. Have a notebook with you to write down all your main points in the movie. Whether it’s good or bad things. If you’re reviewing it then you’ll need these pros and cons.

If you’re trying to write for a Christian or other religious website about movies then write down thing to look for. Examples: Sex scenes, language, implying things. Anything you deem bad you’ll want to record and make sure you put down for people so they know what they’re getting into.

Once you’ve watched it enough and written down what you think you’ll need then it’s time to write a draft. It’s important to make sure you go over your argument and points at least once before publishing. Make sure your points are clear and understandable.

All you have left is to tag and categorize it and publish! You’re all set good luck!


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