How To Blog: Video Games.

Video games is a forever growing industry. In 2014 according to polygon the video game industry globally racked in 83.6 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. More importantly, that’s a lot of people spending money on video games.

People love video games and they love reading and watching videos about them. The number one most subscribed Youtuber Pewdiepie started off as a video game channel. He still plays video games but he’s doing other things to create more content for different viewers.

Channels like Game Theory over analysis video games to see what secrets they hold. If you’re reading this it’s because you want in. You want to write about video games.

Writing reviews for games is really big. People want to know whether they’re buying a good game. A good way to do this is to buy a popular game and play it. Record some footage of you playing it. Write a blog post about your review of it then also use that post as a script for a video. Use your footage and already made script to make a youtube video and post it to your site. Then for viewers who would rather watch then read they may.

This is also a good idea because now you’re on youtube side by side creating content.

Even if you just talk about accessories you bought for your console it’ll get good hits. Talk about that new headset you just bought. The same tactic will be applied: write it and record it. Post them both for your viewers.

You could even go over patch notes for video games and talk about what’s changing. Break it down and explain to your readers what’s going on. There’s so much opportunity for video games. Write about your favorite songs from a video game series.

Thousands of books are made each year based on video games. Buy one, read it, review it. New video games are always coming out so you’ll never run out of content. If you become a respected curator then you can actually get sent review copies of games for free.

If you love video games then be creative with them. See where they take you. When in doubt say something about Fortnite.


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