How To Blog: LifeStyle Products

This kind of falls into the review category of things but I’d like to treat it differently.

Something I’ve noticed popping up a lot more is people who use lifestyle products and blog about it.

A good example is you find a product like doTerra. Doterra is a brand of essential oils. Now I’m not going to get into what that is but you can check out their site Here.

Their whole campaign is that they are “wellness advocates”. If you use a product like this and use it in your daily life why not write about it? The great part about this is that you can show your journey as you go along.

Say you find something that is supposed to help your hair grown in more fuller. You can take pictures of your hair daily and show your progress. People love to see the products they want to use already in use. They want to know it works.

Even if you don’t use any products you can still write about your lifestyle. Maybe you’re super into rock climbing! Know a lot about it? Why not blog about it and have pictures of yourself to go with it.

You could write a series of posts about it and make it into a book even. Why not? Writing opens up so many doors.

Going along with the rock climbing you could write about your gear and show it off. There’s really no limit to what you can write about. What are you waiting for?


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