How To Blog: E-books

During a call, I had with an advisor we discussed my how to blog posts. She pitched me the idea of throwing it all together and making it into an e-book.

I thought this was a great idea and I’m going to be going forward with doing it. I thought it would make for a good post too.

For those who blog about a certain thing, I’d like to pitch the idea to you too. Why not gather it all together and make a book? If you’re doing a guide to windows 10 why not put it all in one place?

People could easily google for it and see the content you’ve made. Imagine putting that on a portfolio! “Created a how-to guide for windows and got 10,000 downloads” that’s super impressive.

So, I leave you with the idea. If what you write about could be put into a book, why not? Have some fun with it! You’ve already done the hard part of creating the content. Now you’ve got yourself a book.


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