How To Blog: Ideas For Blogging

So, you’ve decided to blog but what are you supposed to write about?

You’re in luck! Since it’s your website you can literally write about pretty much anything you want.

But Toby how is that supposed to help me come up with ideas? Well something that helps me is just writing about my day. If you have nothing else to write about writing about something that’s happened to you is pretty easy.

A good idea is doing top 10s. You can make that about anything too. Top ten video games, top ten favorite blog posts, top ten favorite bands. There’s plenty of things to do top tens about.

Writing tutorials or help for things are also very valuable. The last few days I’ve been writing about starting a blog. I’ve picked one subject and I’m attempting to see how many ideas I can pull from it.

This is a good exercise in making your brain flex to see just how much you can get from it.


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