How To Blog: Writing Short Posts

When I first began blogging it took me forever.

You see I thought it had to be some great big long thing like they have you do for school. I’d write long blog posts and was proud of the length.

After a while, though that gets tiring every single day. I also started reading other people’s blogs to see what they were writing about. Something I noticed along the way was after 2-3 paragraphs they’d lost my attention. I’d start skimming through their post or move on completely.

I realized in order to make people want to keep coming back to read it needed to be short and sweet. Not only have I gotten more views since cutting down the size of my posts but it takes up a lot less time. You’d be surprised how much time blogging once a day can take up.

So my tip for blogging today is don’t fret about making a story. It’s fine to have a short post. Maybe a long one here or there but it’s completely up to you! It is your website after all.


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