Finding Skills In The Past

I’ve been thinking of skills that I can show that I have recently. Specifically about lifeguarding. I want to really show the extent of stuff I’ve done as a lifeguard.

To figure this out I had to think of what I’ve actually done at my job. Sure, it seems like I just sit there in my chair and tell people to walk but I actually do a lot more. My job revolves around public relations and customer service.

I represent the Silver Lakes Association as a guard. So, being professional is a big part of public relations. You want who you’re repping to look good.

When people ask me something whatever I answer with is what they’ll take. I’m talking on behalf of the association and that’s a big role.

As for customer service that’s another big part of the job learned over time. Patrons often come with questions. Either that or they just have issues or complaints about things. I have to address these problems as to give them the best experience.


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