50 Days Of Daily Blogging

Sometime this week last year I graduated high school. I didn’t know where I’d be in a year but I definitely wasn’t expecting this.

It’s been a really fun journey blogging every day for the past fifty days. When I started I didn’t even think I’d make it a week before I ran out of ideas. Yet here I am 50 days later.

I’ve learned a few things along the way. How to come up with daily content is one of them. Sure, not every day’s post is as good as others but that’s going to happen no matter what you do. I’ve learned how to deliver something on a daily basis seven days a week.

I’ve also learned that there’s always a new idea to think of. Ideas literally do grow on trees and it can seem hard at first to get them. After a little practice though you learn how to make that tree bear fruit and harvest it.

Taking away from this experience I know I can commit and stick to something. I’ve shown that I can be relied on to show up and get something done. You can accomplish anything when you really put your mind to it!


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