I’m Getting Old

I was at my little brother’s Awana award ceremony a few nights ago. Awana is an “international evangelical Christian nonprofit organization. The mission of Awana is to help reach kids, equip leaders and change the world for God.” -Wikipedia

Anywho, while I was there I just happened to be wearing one of my favorite Sonic the HedgeHog shirts. A guy who was at least in his late 30s early 40s walked up to me and said: “Hey sir, nice shirt!”.

Now at first, I was really excited for a couple reasons. One being that he complimented one of my oldest and favorite shirts that I still have. The second was that he called me sir.

No one has ever called me sir besides older people when I’m opening a door for them. It made me feel very “adult” in a sense. This was a cool feeling for a bit. Whenever someone previously complimented my shirt people would call me kid.

People have been recognizing my age a lot more lately and it’s nice. People are more willing to give me an opportunity to do things work related. Maybe I’m just crazy but it excites me.

I’ll forever be young at heart though. Some people are naturally old at a young age. Which are you?


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