How I Relieve Stress

A few years ago my parents bought a piano from someone. I told them it was an expensive purchase that no one was going to use. Turns out I was crazy wrong.

When we moved it into the house it wasn’t long until I started playing it. Yes, the one kid that said they weren’t going to play it. It wasn’t even longer than 24 hours before I was trying to learn it.

What spiked this interest to play piano out of nowhere when I was so against it? I was listening to a song from a video game that was on piano. I thought to myself “hey, I could play that” so I googled it.

I found a video game app called Synthesia. Synthesia is a video game piano teacher that allows players to use a MIDI keyboard. Players have arranged their own versions of songs and put them on youtube for people to learn.

It was when I found this that I started to “learn” how to play the piano. Now I say learn loosely because I have no clue how to properly play the piano. I have however learned/ more or less memorized how to play my favorite video game songs.

On days where I’m not feeling the best, I like to just sit back take a breather and play some piano. It’s such a great stress reliever to casually play piano, especially when it’s songs I love!

There’s no pressure to be the next Beethoven or something. You don’t have to play classic songs (unless you want to) you can learn whatever you want! The piano is special because it has bass keys built into it unlike a lot of other instruments. So, what you can play is pretty open to whatever you can learn.

Some cool songs I’ve learned how to play are Farewell Hyrule King, Legendary Hero, Song of Healing, Midna’s Lamet, and Ghirahim’s Theme.

Now I can’t play all of these songs all the way from beginning to end but I can still play a big chunk of these songs. I’ve learned even more too these are just a small handful of what I play. All beautiful songs in their own right and I love being able to listen to these songs as I feel my stress levels simply just die.

I’ve always been obsessed with music and it’s always been a good vent for me but nothing beats playing it for yourself.

What activities or things do you do to help relieve your stress? What about it makes you feel better?


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