Key To Succesful Blogging: Rambling

I’m having a hard time deciding what to write about today. I’ve written three drafts already and decided they were good ideas but just wasn’t getting anywhere. Which can be hard to deal with but I save them for later. I know I’m onto something I just need to step away and give them more thought.

I have lowered the amount of time I’m writing every day though. I was spending an exhausting amount of time on it before

You see, I’ve learned some things about myself from writing every day. I don’t hate writing as much as I did before. I personally think my grammar and spelling has grown leaps and bounds better than it was before. I’m an overall better writer, which is what you’d expect after doing something every day for thirty plus days.

Something else very important that I’ve learned about specifically blogging is rambling. Yes! The key to blogging is rambling! It doesn’t have to be a big long post it can be short. As long as you ramble on for at least a good 100-200 words you’re good.

Rambling allows you to just talk and keep going on about it without stopping. Even ranting is similar and very effective. Write about something that’s been bothering you! Trust me the words will just flow out of you.

I mean that’s exactly how I wrote this! Couldn’t decide what to write about so why not write about not knowing what to write about? Then I just started to ramble on about that subject which in turn kind of changed the subject. Doesn’t really matter I suppose because I’m just rambling on about it now successfully creating today’s blog post.

But how long can I ramble on for? Guess we’re just going to have to find out some other time.


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