Jesus Is My Homie

I kept hitting a wall that I couldn’t get past. Photography is such a tough game. Everyone has a photographer already or doesn’t need one. It’s such a common profession now.

Similar to Miley Cyrus I’m ready to come in like a wrecking ball. I’m talking to my church about doing a special deal for mothers day. How nice would it be to get pictures of you and your kids for mothers day? Plus I’m going to try to negotiate the church pay for it so it’s easy breezy on the mothers and more of a gift. If not this would still be a good deal for us.

I am also planning on using these pictures for building my photographers portfolio. So, it’s kind of a win-win!

Overall I’m having a lot of fun with this experience. I have a goal of $100 for this month and I’m ready to meet it.


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