Hello World

I thought making a website would be pretty cool. I took a class back in high school on web development. I learned how to make my own web pages through a notepad. I never thought I’d actually have my own website someday.

I’d thought about making a website before but I didn’t really know what I’d use it for. It wasn’t until I was in the pre-program for Praxis that they said I needed to make a website for my deliverables.

This shouldn’t be so hard I’d done something similar in high-school. The nice part was that WordPress is pretty simple and easy to use. I didn’t have to actually use what little HTML I know to make my site. It’s never been easier to make a website.

I made an account and started working on building my site. I had a problem where nothing I saved would actually save due to BitDefender. I had my suspicions that it was BitDefender but didn’t really want to uninstall it. Wasn’t until I had a call with Jarek that we tried other things and nothing worked. I willingly uninstalled BitDefender and poof! A lot of the problems my computer was having magically disappeared.

So now that my site was actually letting me publish my webpages I still had no clue for the site. What was it going to be about? I’m just some guy from a small community in southern C.A. Who was going to even find my blog? I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write about.

Then T.K. shot me something to think about. What’s something I like that nobody else I know really likes? I said Brussel sprouts. He asked where I go to get my Brussel sprouts when I want some. I looked at him confused and said well the store of course. The point was that even though a lot of people don’t like Brussel sprouts there’s a market for them somewhere.

I’m the Brussel sprouts and not everyone will love me and that’s okay. There are people out there who are looking for me and my personality. So, to those people, I’d like to say howdy and thanks for reading.

When I started this blog I didn’t think I’d have people from literally all over the world reading what I had to say. This just shows me how truly connected the world is. Pretty awesome to think about isn’t it?


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