Do You Remember?


Do you remember a year ago today? I do. I remember every detail of it. Feeling sick all morning driving to you. Praying to God PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE AN OLD MAN amongst many other things. I remember us texting each other from the bathroom feeling like we were going to throw up. Asking Marisa what the hell I’m supposed to do because she was the only one who knew. I remember freaking out because you were waiting and my dad said he wanted to go to California adventure. I didn’t know what to say. Luckily I nudged my mom and reminded her of my “friend” that was there and in Disney land. I remember feeling so sick because of all the butterflies roaming around in my stomach. As we walked and my mother was trying to guess who my “friend” even was. We were meeting at the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. You were hiding behind your father. The only reason I actually spotted you was because of your little sister who was waving like a crazy person.

You were dressed as Batman and I was Robin.


I remember hugging you and the first words I’ll ever say to you being “How are you?” super romantic. In my defense, I was worried about you because neither of us felt good from the nervousness. Holding you in my arms for the first time and smelling how good you smell made the world feel like it stopped. I shook your dad’s hand and hugged your sister. We introduced our families and mine was completely lost. Sure, I should have told them sooner probably but we both remember how nervous and scared I was.


I remember handing you a rose that I’d taken off my mothers rose bush. You kissed my thumb because I had cut it trying to get the thorns off the rose. You held my hand and I looked down at our hands and memorized how they looked so I’d never forget. We walked over to the haunted mansion. I had gotten so excited for this ride. I saw it as the perfect movie moment for “scared” girlfriend to nuzzle up on the cute boyfriend to keep her safe. As we walked through the line you kept telling me how much it reminded you of the plantations back home. We had fun on the ride. Just me, you, and my little brother.


I remember going on Indiana Jones and telling you how much that ride scared me. How you held my hand the whole time and laughed every time I jumped. That ride is terrifying. We rode Splash mountain even though you were terrified to even got on it. You sat in front of me and I held you and kept you safe the whole time… Except for the 50-foot drop, I had to pose, sorry. You were also scared to ride hyperspace mountain. You hate roller coasters but you still went on it for me. You were gripping the lap bar so tight I almost couldn’t pull your hand off. I finally got it off and held your hand, speedily losing all feeling in it.


I remember our first kiss on Alice in Wonderland. Not the most romantic of places but we were too shy to kiss anywhere public. That kiss made everything seem like it was going to be okay. We exchanged gifts while we were eating dinner. We both got pasta but you didn’t finish yours and you let me have it.  I yelled happy 4:30 right when we got off the finding Nemo ride to you and your mom leaving her wondering what that even meant.  Suffering through it’s a small world just so we could sit together was way worth it in retrospect now that I think about it. Watching the electric parade with you was one of the highlights of the day. Watching you boop your head back and forth with the music. You were so adorable.


We rode the haunted mansion one last time before I had to leave to go home. We kissed one more time on that ride. Felt kind of scandalous because that ride is pitch dark. I remember saying “I hope the ride breaks” so that we would have just a few more minutes together before I had to go. Somehow it actually did stop for a good five minutes.


I remember hugging you goodbye and telling you I Love you. You walked part of the way back with me and I kissed and hugged you one last time. You turned around and started to walk back towards your family. It had been the best day ever and it was over. I will forever Love and cherish these memories of us.



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