Top Six Video Game Fan Remixes.

As we’ve discussed before video games have some of the most inspirational music on the earth. However today I’d like to bring up fan creations of some of these songs. There are so many different variations to choose from when it comes to this. I honestly didn’t know where to start.

I eventually settled on these six but would LOVE to do more of this in the future. These creators deserve their recognition for their beautiful recreations of these already beautiful songs. P.S. If you don’t listen to the rest, the bottom two are orchestrated rock editions and very much worth your time.

Kingdom Hearts originally came out on the PlayStation 2 back in 2002. It was the tenth best-selling game on the PS2. Made by Disney and Square as an action RPG. Featuring a character named Sora accompanied by Disney favorites Goofy and Donald.

The way this is going to work is I’ll post the original and then the remix. So, if you’d like to skip straight to the remix or just listen to original it’s easy.

The remix is by the awesome Dj artist Dj Jo! You can check out his channel Here!

Majora’s Mask is my favorite game of all time. It released back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. Fifteen years later it got remade for Nintendo 3ds. With some of the best songs in the Zelda franchise, it’s easy to see why fans love it.

This remix is by Dj-Jo too and is the second song by him I’d ever heard. It’s an interesting glitch hop remix but is definitely one of the best remixes of all time.

Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s newest Zelda game on the WiiU and Nintendo Switch. BotW was awarded game of the year and best game direction of 2017. The music in this game was specially made to make you feel alone in a vast world. This particular song plays when you’re storming the castle where Calamity Ganon resides. It’s the best version of the song in the series.

Surprise, surprise! This remix is also by Dj-Jo! Should almost just make this a Dj-Jo top six. Are you in love with his music yet? I am!

Ocarina of Time is one of Nintendo’s staple games that everyone knows about. It’s considered the best game of all time by many people. One of the memorable songs is the song of storms. Careful though! It’ll rain if you play the song (hence the name).

Dj-Jo has an AMAZING version of this song, but I really felt like I should include other people. This version is by Ephixa! If you’d like to check out their channel Click Here!

Megaman Zero is a very looked over game. The Megaman Zero series is a continuation of the Megaman X series, which in return is a continuation of the original Megaman games. Like all Megaman games, it’s known for its great music and gameplay.

This remix is by OrangaStang and is an Epic Orchestra Remix. This is by far one of the best things that will ever grace your ears. If you’d like to check on his channel Click Here.

Megaman Zero (AGAIN)

This remix is also done by OrangaStang! It’s just moments before the final boss theme above. I was going to put it in order but this one is my favorite of the two and wanted to save best for last.

What did you think of the artists? Amazing talent if you ask me. Which do you like better, the originals or the remixes?


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