How I Accidentally Started A 30 Day Blog Challenge

I have never been a fan of writing. When I told my family, I was doing a thirty-day blog challenge they looked at me confused. You? Write every day, for thirty days? Good luck.

You see, I didn’t even start it on purpose. I had to write a blog post for my top 3 skills for Praxis. I had previously also written my breaking the mold post a week or so earlier. So, there wasn’t much content on my page at the time when this was going on.

I wanted to fill it with more as to make it more impressive. I had fun when I wrote my top 3 skills blog so I thought why not. I was at the pool working but no one was there so I popped out my brother’s laptop and started writing.

What is there to even write about? I thought as I sat there. Brainstorming ideas of what could be an interesting idea to write I thought of football. People had been coming and going so I had to keep writing and then stop due to this.

I eventually fleshed it out before the end of the shift and was proud of it. I had written two posts in one day. I wanted to post them both but I thought if I posted them both at 10pm at night no one would really see them. So, I posted the one when I got home at 10pm and the other the next day.

I felt accomplished in my writing and what I’d written about was something important to me. It wasn’t until later I’d realized I posted in the daily blog section of the Praxis workplace.

Oh no, what do I do? If I stop posting now then that was a waste of two good posts. What would people think if they saw my post in there two days in a row and then stop? Would it seem like I had already given up? If I deleted them from there would anyone notice?

It was too late! I couldn’t reason with myself to let those two good posts to go to waste. I had to do the thirty-day blog challenge. I immediately started thinking of what I could write about for the next few days.

I’m not even a writer, how am I supposed to pull this off? That wasn’t going to stop me now. I wasn’t a football player when I started football. I started writing for the next day and was enjoying it. Having a place to publically document my thoughts and thing I love was awesome. I have a website for the purpose of purely showing my interests and writing about them.

The thing that really amazes me is that I never thought anyone would see or read my blog. I’m just doing it for fun right now really. Yes, it was an accident but it turned out to be an amazing accident. People from all over the world have already seen my blog and it’s just awesome. It’s a great way to show just how much the internet really connects us all to each other.

I was originally going to have this be my 30th-day post. After a while, I was just itching to write about it. So, have you ever accidentally started something and enjoyed it? I have plenty of times. Isn’t that what life is?


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