Our Journey To Disneyland

Disneyland is the “happiest place” on earth. Millions of people dream of getting to go someday and visit all their favorite Disney characters. This is the story of my family’s journey to Disney.

Back in 2009, my dad got out of the army and we moved to California. I didn’t really want to move to California because we were currently in Colorado Springs. We had a lot of family in California so it turned out somewhat nice. A perk was that we lived about two hours away from Anaheim, CA. Which is right where Disneyland is located.

So, when I was nine we’d decided we were going to save up to go to Disneyland. Only problem was we’re a family of six and if you have seen the prices for Disney, that’s not cheap. So, we’d devised a way to save up for it. Instead of taking money from pay check to pay check we decided to recycle. Whenever we were on a car trip and drank a bottle of water we’d toss it into our recycle bin.

My dad would go through his work’s trash can and grab all the bottles and cans. He’d rinse them out and put them in a bag to bring home. Then we’d open the bag and crush them and throw them in our bin. Family functions always have three important things: soda cans, bottles, and food. Now, of course, you can’t recycle food but you can the other two.

Whenever people would come over for family stuff we’d also crush all of those and throw them in our bin. “Toby, we get it you recycled” you’re probably thinking. Well, yes, we recycled for about six years. That’s right SIX years we recycled cans and bottles.

It paid off though! Back in the summer of 2016, we’d finally saved up enough money to go. Our hard work and dedication had bared fruit. We got season passes and got to go quite a few times. It was nice to have that work pay off to hang out with my family at such a wonderful place.

I also got to meet my girlfriend there, but that’s a whole story for another time.

Debate time! Which do you like better? Disneyland or Disney World?!


1 thought on “Our Journey To Disneyland”

  1. Disney world is 10/10 I’d give disneyland a solid 6/10 but i also met my boyfriend there so that bumps it up to a 15/10


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