Top Six Songs By Koji Kondo

Koji Kondo is considered the modern-day Beethoven by many people. Back in 1984 Koji was hired and brought on to the Nintendo team. He’s worked on dozens and dozens of games, all the way from the original Super Mario, Star Fox, and The Legend Of Zelda.

Starting out before getting hired by Nintendo he’d worked on an arcade classic called Punch Out!! So, as you can see he’s already worked on an array of amazing classic games. Koji still works at Nintendo composing music even to this day at age 56.

I’ve fallen deeply in love with his music and wanted to share some of the love. So, here are my top 6 favorite songs composed by Koji Kondo.

Super Mario 64 originally came out on the Nintendo 64 back in 1996. Being the first 3D platforming Mario game was groundbreaking. Known and remembered as one of the best Mario games of all time.

The plot is surrounded by the typical Mario plot. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and you playing as Mario must save her. Except something is different about this one. Peach is being held captive in her own castle! Mario must travel through Peach’s castle jumping in and out of magical paintings collecting stars. These stars allow Mario to get deeper into the castle to save the Princess.

This song is from the level Dire, Dire, Docks. It’s an aquatic-themed level and the music fits perfectly. The song is super relaxing and gives a lasting impression.

Ocarina of Time

Known by many as the best game of all time. Ocarina of time was another groundbreaking Nintendo title. Bringing on features like a functional targeting system for a 3D adventure game.

Ocarina of Time starts out with Link having a nightmare foretelling future events. He’s called by the Great Deku Tree to help destroy the curse that’s been placed on him. The Great Deku Tree still dies, but with his last breath he instructs Link to go and find Princess Zelda. Link packs his stuff and goes on an adventure that’ll send him traveling through time itself.

Majora’s Mask is another Nintendo 64 title and the sequel to Ocarina of Time. Originally supposed to be a new game mode for Ocarina of Time the developers took a different direction. They made Majora’s Mask in a year’s worth of time. Many staff members had awful dreams due to production stress.

Majora’s Mask takes off right where Ocarina of time ended. Link is traveling to a new land and gets knocked out while riding on his horse Epona. An imp named Skull kid wearing Majora’s Mask takes Link’s Ocarina of Time and Epona. Link chases after them and falls down a tree. Skull kid curses Link turning him into a Deku Skrub.

The song of healing is introduced when Link recovers his Ocarina of time and goes back three days. Greeted by the Happy Mask Salesman he teaches him the song of healing and reverts him back to his Hylian form. The song of healing is widely loved by fans and is emotionally moving.

Twilight Princess was the first Zelda game to launch alongside a Nintendo console. Releasing in 2006 alongside Ninendo’s wii.

Taking all the best aspect of Ocarina of Time, this game is almost a more modern Ocarina. Loved and hated by fans, but they can all agree it had good music.

Twilight Princess’ story is similar to Majora’s Mask in that the story is a much darker theme. It starts off with Link just being a rancher, but things soon change. When the king of Twilight fuses the light and twilight together, Link runs in to save his kidnapped friends but gets turned into a wolf.

A Link to the Past is the third installment in the Zelda series. Released back in 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was a big jump compared to the first two games. This game also was the start of the “Zelda formula” for future titles.

This game starts out with Link waking up and being told to go to Hyrule castle by a mysterious voice. When you get there Link’s uncle is found slumped over dying in the dungeon. He then instructs you to save the Princess and gives you his sword.

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s newest 3D Mario game. Love by critics and fans for it’s great gameplay and wonderful music. Odyssey follows traditional Mario story in that the Princess is being kidnapped by Bowser. Except for this time Bowser is trying to marry the Princess and Mario must stop it.

Alright, now I know this is mostly Zelda and Mario and I didn’t really jump into anything else he’s really done.  I want to come back to this subject later. Not necessarily Koji Kondo specifically, but video games and their music. Nintendo especially has brilliant minds creating wonderful masterpieces.

Ever played any of these games before? Which one is your favorite and which song is your favorite?!


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